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I  have been a resident of Carluke since birth. I have walked for over 25 years around Scotland with many groups of contacts and friends. This meant travelling to distant places. I often wished we could have these walks/paths in the Carluke area, which in reality is ridiculous. My Nana came from Wishaw, married my Papa from Carluke and moved to live in Carluke.  She walked to Wishaw most days from Mill Road most days, to help her elderly mother and walked back.  She often spoke of this as if it was no effort at all. She was also accompanied by several of her 6 children. This she did until her mother died.  My thoughts often turn to her doing this daily return journey.  Where did she walk? How did she get there? Then it occurred to me that she used Old Wishaw Road. I had walked this but only to Law. It is a stunning walk [taking in the Whiteshaw Woodland]. My Nana was an amazing woman, as were that generation of people. Now this walk would never be considered by many people. 

We do have on our doorstep fabulous walks through fields, by rivers and old Roman roads.  The history is so interesting.  General Roy’s memorial is on a beautiful walk towards the River Clyde, onto the Clyde Walkway. This is within walking distance for many. The latest addition to Carluke’s heritage is the Milton Tile Works Nature Trail, where deer, ducks and many birds have been spotted.  We await the land going back to nature and the other part being completed. The litter has also decreased in that area. Let’s help keep it up.

Jock’s Burn runs from one end of Carluke at Carnwath Road [coming from Yieldshields] to the other end at Station Road. A walkway from one end to the other, or circular, would be the ultimate walk for Carluke. This was a playground for many of us, as children.  Yet, today a lot of this is overgrown and not passable, even the Right of Way.  I have tried thanks to my friend Marie.  The part of Jock’s Burn on Lanark Road running under Stark’s Bridge has been left to nature. This was a beautiful spot.

When I heard about ONECAN Active Travel and was invited to join, I jumped at this. This attracted me as it speaks of walkways, cycle paths [I have an electric bike] and wheelies. Funding was being put in place to provide these over 5 years and hopefully further. I was excited.  I then invited a few people to join as they had the same passion as me.  We cannot complain unless you are willing to help. So we are trying to through ONECAN.

As the walkways, paths, cycle lanes, wheelie lanes will take time to be completed [Engineers are already at work].  It is planned to have these links up with local transport. Members of ONECAN Active Travel have been walking some of the cycle lanes proposed and cycling these areas. One of our group Gregor has been cycling routes and drawing up directions with photographs and a few funny remarks, ie “ right here Laura, not left”. Thanks Gregor.

This is an exciting time for Carluke Parish. To have our surrounding area enhanced with paths/walkways/cycle paths and maintained and not need to drive to other areas for walks is our aim.

All of this said, this can only help towards helping our local environment and more importantly our health. 

The environment is something we cannot hide from. As a regular walker/cyclist I do see the litter on the side of roads and in woodlands.  However, I also notice a big reduction in this.  Let’s hope this continues and let us work to keep our streets more environmentally friendly. 

If anyone has any suggestions, which we can address, we would be happy to help.  We are also aware that many locals arrange litter collections. Thank you. It is a great way of getting to know your neighbours. But be safe and wear visible clothing.  Bags, etc can be collected at Lanark Council yard.

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