Carluke High Mill & Community Garden Spring Survey

Carluke High Mill & Community Garden Spring Survey

As we progress through the various grant bids for the repair and construction of the Carluke High Mill, it is important that the ongoing sustainability of the site beyond the construction phases is identified and implemented.

Carluke Community Trading Board with Carluke Development Trust needs the views and thoughts of our communities across a couple of areas. 

Please complete the survey below to help us.

Carluke Jam

The ONECarluke Community Growing & Learning Garden is growing as we speak and one of the many fruits that will be available this and in future years is strawberries. In 2019 CDT held initial discussion with R&W Scott who agreed to manufacture jars of Carluke Jam from the fruit grown on the garden site. Obviously Covid-19 has delayed these discussions, however as part of the CHM business plan, CDT is keen to restart these discussions and would ask our communities views on:

Office & Workshop Spaces

An element of the site's development is the creation of office, meeting and workshop spaces within the previous Mill Owner's house and CDT is keen to understand the needs of Carluke's Craft and Artist sectors, specifically:
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