Cycle Routes

We’ve got Gregor Steel, our local cyclist, to give us his best routes! Check out more from him below. 

I’ve lived in the town for more than fifty years and I’m convinced this friendly, unassuming place is actually a paradise for people who like the outdoors. This blog is mostly about cycling, though there’s nothing to stop you walking some of the routes and I know horse riders get a lot out of exploring the area too.

Where possible, I use quiet country by-ways or off-road trails. Clicking the links below will download pdf files with illustrated routes and links to maps.

Let’s start with Black Law wind farm. It has miles of tracks to explore. You’ll be unlucky not to see some interesting wild life – deer, foxes, hares, various birds and flowers. There are old ruined houses, the remains of a coach road and a number of historical sites. Click the link below for a guide to getting there.

Getting to Black Law wind farm
One of the historical sites you might visit is the Darmead Covenanter Memorial. Click the link below to download a guide.

Getting to Darmead Memorial
This next one takes you on a loop past Kingshill – once the site of a mine, now a water-botting plant.

Getting to Kingshill
This next one takes us, by quiet roads, to a lovely wood off the Dura Road which runs from Allanton into the moors. There are quirky sculptures to enjoy. You can go home via the wind farm if you like.

Dura Road and Brow Woods
Here are some routes to local towns and villages. They all use quiet back roads.

Lanark the Quiet Way
Tour de Forth
Haywood (a lost village)
Auchengray, Tarbrax and Woolfords
National Cycle Route 74

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