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CAOS Musical Society

We are a community musical society based in Carluke. We are a welcoming group that put on annual productions to entertain the local community always with great success

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Carluke Community Council

Carluke Community Council was set up to be your voice. Community Councils are the most local tier of statutory representation in Scotland and are intended to bridge the gap between local authorities and local communities.

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Carluke Listeners

When we have concerns or worries it is often helpful to speak to someone who will listen without judgement. Carluke Listeners offer a one to one, confidential listening service giving you respect, time and space.

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Carluke Primrose Orchestral Flutes

We are Carluke’s award-winning amateur community flute orchestra. With a full range of eight different types of flute – from piccolo down to the giant subcontrabass in G – we play more instruments than you might think.

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Carluke Treasure Hunt!

A massive hunt, always open 24/7, completely free to take part.
Online clues and real-world places to find.
Have fun with friends and family.
Residents, visitors, and tourists can take part.

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Clydesdale Food Bank

We are an independent charity, SC045073, whose function is to provide food for anyone living in Clydesdale who does not have the finances to feed themselves or their family.

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Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire

We offer support to Third Sector organisations to enable them to be well managed and deliver quality services through start up advice, drafting governing document, applying for charitable status, identifying potential funding opportunities and drafting applications.

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