Carluke Development Trust

Carluke Development Trust

Set up in 1999 by the local community, Carluke Development Trust is a non-profit charitable organisation carrying out projects to develop the community, space and environment of the Parish of Carluke.

We work with communities in Carluke, Braidwood, Law, Crossford and Kilncadzow to grow a sustainable and thriving economy, with budding environments and open community spaces. Over the past twenty years Carluke, and the Development Trust, have grown in size and strength. We now have a growing team of staff, board of directors, and many teams of volunteers working on multiple community projects and community led initiatives.

We continue to work with other community groups to develop the local area, whether that be individuals or businesses, to improve the social, environmental and economic livelihood within Carluke. We are always working on projects, events and initiatives with local priorities, and we welcome ideas and input from all of the community.

If you have thoughts or want support from the development trust, our door is always open. You can contact us by emailing us at: [email protected]

Group news

Easter Fayre

ONECAN Easter Fayre

We’re excited to be launching our first ONE Carluke Area Network event for 2022! Our Easter Fayre will be at Carluke Market Place from the

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Place Standards through a Climate Lens Workshop

This topic will explore and seek the views of interested parties on the development of Place Based activities through a Climate Change Lens, namely the impact of  these activities on the Climate at a local, ward and national level.

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Meet the team

Tom Sneddon


Tom Sneddon is a Founding member of Carluke Development, and is also co-founder and Trustee of Development Trusts Association Scotland, Director of Scotland’s Towns Partnership, member of the Cross-Party Group on Towns and Town Centres and more recently, appointed to the Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Task Force, to represent Development Trusts, established by the Scottish Land Commission.

Tom is an architect in private practice and a founding, and has interest in all aspects of the built environment and have been involved in the topic of small towns in Scotland for a number of years. I joined the Trust to support my town – it’s taken a few years but we seem to be moving forward in the right direction.

Joey Adams

Vice Chair

Joey Adams has been involved in CDT since 1999 when the trust began. Joey had previously set up the Carluke Business Group with Tom Sneddon and other local business owners. The aim was to get businesses speaking to each other to benefit their common interests.

Joey is interested in improving the retail structure of Carluke and improving the footfall in the town centre. This comes as no surprise given his history working in the second oldest business in Carluke, which he just recently retired from.

Through his involvement in the trust Joey has developed an interest in community activity and he has shown his interest in music through the development of events such as Jam and Ham.

The High Mill is the CDT accomplishment that Joey is most proud of, along with various smaller successes which have broadened the outlook of the trust and who they are.

Jean Douglas


Jean Douglas has been involved with CDT since it began in 1999, and although involved in many projects, Jean as a keen interest in environment and events. Jean has previously been a teacher of Business Studies, Economics and Accounting, and then moved on to work in local government, including management for Leisure, Community and Environmental Services.

Jean got involved with the trust with the aim to engage with improving the community of Carluke as a whole, and has been involved with increasing community engagement at events, including the development of Jam and Ham each autumn.

Ron Banks


Ron Banks joined CDT as a Director in 2017, after moving back to his hometown of Carluke. As a retired teacher, Ron has a keen interest to help out with events, community activities, environmental improvements and education and training opportunities for young people within the community. Ron got involved with CDT to help contribute to improving community opportunities within Carluke.

Elspeth Hudson


Elspeth has lived in Carluke for 15 years, she joined Carluke Development Trust two years ago. She has an avid interest and passion in the historical status of the town, and hopes to contribute to the preservation of Carluke High Mill.

Semi-retired, Elspeth offers financial support to CDT. Having a background in HR and Payroll Administration with major companies such as 'House of Fraser', 'Levi Strauss' and 'Motherwell Bridge' she offers an assurance of 'best practice' within the organisation.

Elspeth speaks vehemently in support of the residents of Carluke, about the way they always 'turn out' in support of their community activities and looks forward to your involvement.

Andy McLatchie


Andy McLatchie has been involved in CDT since 2013. He is a lifelong resident of Carluke and is married with a young family. It is this long connection, and the desire to make the town the best it can be for family and friends within the community, which motivated him to get involved with the Development Trust.

Andy is the Director of a successful Landscape Architecture Practice based in Hamilton and has almost 20 years’ experience of working on environmental projects throughout Scotland. He is keen to bring this experience to help develop and realise the current and future projects of CDT.

He is currently most involved in the design and progression of the Carluke Growing and Learning Garden at the High Mill site, Adoption of Carluke Station and Carluke on the Run event.

Bill Anderson

Development Manager

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