2019 Photography Competition

As part of Jam and Ham 2019 we are launching a new Community Photography Competition!

This year’s theme is A Year in Carluke, asking you to share a photo from your past year, or of something important to you from the past year.

There are beginner, intermediate and skilled categories, and there will be winners in each section.

Please send your entries to [email protected] by Monday 9th September.

Good Luck!

Entries must be…

  • Format: JPEG
  • File Name: use your name as the image’s filename, with no spaces and no other characters (for example: joebloggs.jpg)
  • File Size: minimum of 1MB
  • Resolution: maximum of 1400px wide by 1050px high

When emailing your entry please include the following details:

  • Name
  • Entry Title
  • Category

Please use your name as the filename (e.g joeblogs.jpg).
Please DO NOT USE / \ : * ? “ . < > | in the filename.

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