My Land Scot & Carluke High Mill

Our High Mill project is included in a new content HUB, which was launched last week as part of a campaign led by Scottish Land Commission that seeks to connect people to the land that surrounds them.

Learn more about Scotland’s land

MyLand is a space where you can learn about the ways in which Scotland’s land is owned, used and managed and how it impacts your life and the lives of the people around you.

The way the land is owned, managed and used has a fundamental impact on how we live, and across the country there are countless examples of how individuals and organisations have changed the land around them to transform their communities.

The Scottish Land Commission works to create a Scotland where everybody can benefit from the ownership and use of the nation’s land and buildings.

It’s great to be involved and included in this diverse range of great projects.

Tom Sneddon, Chair of Carluke Development Trust

Community Driven Projects

Most of us want to live in a community that has facilities we need and that those facilities are easily accessible. Urban vacant and derelict land [V+DL] matters for two reasons: firstly, because of the harm that disused sites cause as a blight and secondly, because of the missed opportunities they represent. All the projects on this site so far have tried to exploit the opportunities presented. 

All 7 sites were identified by communities, developed from local aspirations which address their specific local needs. Each of the sites are embedding net-zero principles in their developments and incorporate strategies for circular and a wellbeing economy, setting a precedent for a green and inclusive future.

Get Involved

Why not check out the site and get involved. You can read about our High Mill project here.

Or if you’d like to become a volunteer in the One Carluke Area Network and help our High Mill project, you can sign up here.

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