ONECarluke Community Growing & Learning Garden opening!

As Scotland safely moves out of Covid-19 and our communities begin to return to the new normal, the Carluke Community Trading (CCT) Board will re-open the ONECarluke Community Growing & Learning Garden within Carluke High Mill from Saturday 25th July 2020.

The re-opening will be a phased process with limited numbers from our communities able to access the garden from the 25th July.  

NOTE: Visits must be arranged by booking in advance (see below).

Planning a visit?

Make a booking via:

Contact the CCT Board via CDT’s Development Manager Bill Anderson on: [email protected], with details of the dates and times you are available.

To ensure that visitors to the garden are able to maintain appropriate social distancing and can access physical activities in a safe way, visitors will be asked to:

  • Provide details including their name, postcode and a contact telephone number. These details will be retained by the CCT Board to assist in the Contract Tracing element of the Scottish Government’s Test and Protect process.
  • Confirm that they do not have any of the symptoms of Covid-19 and/or that they have not come into contact with anyone confirmed with or who has any of the symptoms of Covid-19. The current symptom list can be found here
  • Maintain social distancing (which at this time is 2 metres) at all times.
    Sanitise their hands prior to and after using any equipment and wear face coverings.
  • Wear face coverings 

Like to get involved?

Carluke Young Farmers have kindly donated pallets, wood and plastic to ONECarluke Community Growing & Learning Garden. 

With the arrival of these materials, and the reopening of the garden, the CCT Board is seeking members of our community willing to take part in the following activities: 

  1. Constructing raised beds, seating, etc.
  2. Marking out and constructing temporary paths.
  3. Turning over soil in preparation for planting.
  4. General site maintenance.
Contact the CCT Board via CDT’s Development Manager Bill Anderson on [email protected]

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