Positive Move For High Mill Development

Carluke’s historic High Mill has received Planning Consent for:

Proposed Alterations and extensions to the mill and former stable buildings and erection of various community buildings within site to form community use spaces and garden.

And listed Building Consent for:

Restoration, Alterations and Extensions to Mill and associated buildings.

This is another significant step on the community’s journey to restoring the 200+ year-old Mill and the creation of a Community Growing & Learning Garden and will allow the development and submission of significant funding applications, seeking support for the repair and restoration of the existing buildings and the creation of new community facilities including:

  • A Community Food HUB
  • An Outdoor Classroom/ Potting Shed
  • A Changing Places Facility
  • Community meeting and events

The Carluke Community Trading Board (CCT) has led the development of the project for the past two years, and and has achieved a number of successes including;

Members of our communities have been involved for a significant number of years and one such long-term supporter and Chair of the High Mill Steering Group, Christine Warren said,

“This is such a significant step towards saving an important part of Carluke’s, and the nation’s, industrial heritage. The High Mill and its surrounding community garden can now be developed into a most wonderful asset for everyone in the Carluke community.

This project has the capacity to fulfil so many physical and mental outcomes for the young and the not so young, for the fit and the not so fit. It will also provide job opportunities. As the project progresses, visitors will also come to see our High Mill in all its restored glory bringing an added benefit to our town. It is the beginning of an exciting time for Carluke.”

Carluke Development Trust’s Chair Tom Sneddon –

“This is great news. We have reached another important milestone in our journey in realising our overall masterplan for the land and buildings which has been widely publicised. This is up there with the community taking ownership of the site and importantly provides hope in these strange times.”

Whilst an important Milestone, the securing of Planning and Listed Building Consent represents the beginning of the next stage of the projects development including:

Claudia Beamish MSP (South of Scotland):

“Having been involved in supporting initial negotiations with the previous owner of High Mill, I congratulate all who have worked tirelessly to reach this point in such an exciting community journey.

The positive aims of the Trust for the Mill and the opportunities for wellbeing created by the community garden are now closer to reality and a tonic for all in such challenging times.”

Councillor, Poppy Corbett added “I am delighted to see that Planning Consents have been granted to The Carluke High Mill and very much look forward to watching the development of this Historic Site. Congratulations to Carluke Development Trust for all of their hard work in this project”

Angela Crawley MP said:

“I am delighted that consent has been granted for the Carluke High Mill and the ONECarluke Community Growing & Learning Garden.

“Both projects have the potential to be transformational for the area and will become a real community asset.

“I wish the Trust well as they move through the next stages of the process and look forward to working with them to help them realise their ambitions.”

MSP for Clydesdale Aileen Campbell said:

“After a dedicated effort from all involved in Carluke to redevelop this historic site for the town, to receive planning consent now is a moment of real achievement and sets the path forward for the plans to be put to fruition.

“I am excited to see the project move forward and to see the benefits for the town that will hopefully come.”

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