Street Level with Universal Connections – “on-line for you”

Whilst the threat the Corona virus poses to older people and those with underlying health problems is well known, the current lockdown is also causing problems for the young people in our communities.  Stuck at home, unable to go to school, isolated from friends, many are bored.  Some are also trying to cope with anxiety and depression whilst others are going hungry as a result of a drop in household incomes. 

The team of youth workers based at Street Level with Universal Connections remain hard at work, finding ways new to reach out and support the town’s young people.  A constant stream of advice and positive messaging is being posted on the youth centre’s Facebook webpages, along with suggestions for activities to relieve the boredom, and activity packs have been put together for distribution.   

And whilst the Street Level youth centre may be closed, depriving the youngsters of a safe place to meet and to chat, modern social media platforms are being used to keep in touch and to discuss the important and the trivial.   Youth workers are on hand from mid-morning to late evening to monitor and support several active Facebook messaging boards and Zoom chat rooms are open twice a day where there is a promise of “the very finest of mediocre chat” as well as some virtual games and competitions. 

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